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SAT   Società Astronomica Ticinese

Forums and discussions

SAG Section   SAG-Fachgruppe Sternbedeckungen
Stellar Occultation Timing Association Switzerland (SOTAS).
VdS Section   VdS-Fachgruppe Sternbedeckungen.


IOTA   International Occultation Timing Association.
IOTA-ES   European Section of the International Occultation Timing Association.
IOTA-ES   Call for Observations (Europe).
Euraster   A website for Asteroidal Occultation Observers in Europe.
Euraster Results   European Asteroidal Occultation Results.
Euraster Best Results   European Asteroidal Occultation Best Results.
Asteroid Occultation Updates   by Steve Preston.
Occult Watcher Cloud (OWC)   by Hristo Pavlov.
Lucky Star Project   Predictions and reports of stellar occultations by TNOs and Centaurs.
    Occultation Portal
CalSKY - Moon   Occultations of stars by the moon.
CalSKY - Moon   Occultations of planets by the moon.
CalSKY - Asteroids   Occultations of stars by asteroids.

Private Websites / Archieves   Website of Andreas Schweizer (WET / BUE)   Website of Stefano Sposetti (GNO)


- for planning:

OccultWatcher   Occultation predictions from your observing site.
Occult   Predictions concerning occultations, eclipses, transits and further occultation phenomena.
C2A (Add-in for OccultWatcher)   Planetarium Program, allowing the prepointing procedure.
GRAZPREP   Grazing Occultations by Moon and Planets (PW:IOTA/ES).
VSP   Variable Star Plotter (Star Charts).
Combined brightness   Tool for calculating the combined brightness of two astronomical bodies, standing close to each other.

- for recording:

VirtualDub 64 Bit   Video recording and editing software.
VirtualDub 32 Bit   Video recording and editing software.
SharpCap   Video recording and editing software.
OccuRec   Video recording and editing software.
AAV File Format   Information about the new AAV file format.

- for analyzing:

Tangra 3   Software for reducing astronomical video observations (optimal in combination with OccuRec).
Limovie   Software for reducing astronomical video observations.
AOTA Checklist   Software for reducing astronomical video observations.

- for documentation:

Template Word   Template for a Microsoft Word document (.docx)
Template Excel   Template for a Microsoft Excel document (.xlsx)


JOA   Journal for Occultation Astronomy (IOTA-ES).
Index of JOA (.xlsx)         Index of JOA (.pdf)         Index of ON (.pdf)
IOTA Manual   Introduction to Occultations.
Chasing the Shadow   The IOTA Occultation Observer’s Manual.

European Symposium on Occultation Projects (ESOP)

ESOP 40   European Symposium on Occultation Projects, Aug. 27/29, 2021, Białystok, Poland   Lectures
For the Swiss contribution of Andreas Schweizer/Stefan Meister about the progress of the DVTI Cam Project, please forward to the time 00:28:30.
ESOP 39   European Symposium on Occultation Projects, Aug. 29/30, 2020, online video conference   Sessions
ESOP 38   European Symposium on Occultation Projects, Aug. 30 / Sept. 1, 2019, Paris Observatory   Sessions
ESOP 37   European Symposium on Occultation Projects, August 24-29, 2018, Rokycany (CZ)   Abstracts
Hristo Pavlov Astro Analogue Video (AAV)
Carles Schnabel Comparison of the performance of five cameras
Bernd Gährken 386-Siegena & 25-Phocae
Djounaï Baba Aïssa Observation campaign of several stellar occultation in Algeria
Jan Mánek Experience with high-speed video recording
Ota Kéhar How to use real data from catalogues
K. Guhl, A. Tegtmeier Baily‘s Bead Observations
Alexander Pratt Results from participating in PHEMU15
Björn Kattentidt 300 occultations during two years at new K71 observatory
Konrad Guhl Observation of Total Lunar Occultation
Jiří Kubánek Observation of occultations in Czechia
Roman Kostenko Two eclipses in two weeks
Nikolai Wuensche Computer time setting via NTP with Meinberg software
Andreas Eberle Guide-Plugin for OccultWatcher
Wojciech Burzyński Highlights of occultation observations in Poland 2018
Tim Haymes UK observations in 2018
Oliver Klös Occultations by Asteroids for Europe in 2019
Jan Mánek First solar eclipse canons
ESOP 36   European Symposium on Occultation Projects, September 15-17, 2017, Freiberg (DE)   Abstracts
Detlef Koschny Kryoneri - a 1.2 m telescope with high-speed cameras
Wojciech Burzynski Do It Yourself - cheap VTI based on Arduino project
A. Poro, F. Montazeri Simulation of Asteroid's rotation
Zeinab S. Lesani Introducing a new mobile application for submit and timing
Alexander Pratt Occult Watcher Add-ins
Djunaï Baba Aissa New observations of asteroid occultations in Algeria
Gerhard Dangl Observation of a grazing star occultation in daylight
Dietmar Büttner A total lunar occultation with multiple contacts
Eberhard Riedel GRAZPREP - features and limitations
Tim Haymes Graze of 81 Tau - using GRAZPREP
Bruno Sicardy New progresses in stellar occultations by TNOs in the Gaia era
Mike Kretlow The Chariklo Occultation Campaign 2017
Bruno Sicardy Triton – Monitoring changes in its atmosphere
Gerhard Dangl Determination of timings using EXTA